Use Embedded tweets


Hi there,
My question is regarding the use of embedding tweets via “oembed” in my blog,
Can i do the embedding in my amateur news blog but with commercially intentions?



You’re welcome to embed Tweets into your website. I’d encourage you to check the section on “Appropriate Commercial Use” in the developer agreement & policy to ensure that you understand the terms.


As always you reply very quickly (this time is a record i think) and it’s very helpful,
But i don’t understand this one:
“When Content is the primary basis of an advertising or sponsorship sale you make, you must compensate Twitter, recoupable against any fees payment to Twitter for data licensing.”

It’s referring to the embedded tweet (“content”) as the ad itself, or the compensation should be anyway when choosing to use twitter’s content?

Sorry as for my English isn’t professional and I don’t want to make legal mistakes.


My interpretation is that this relates to using a Tweet (“Content” per the definitions) within an ad context, and then profiting from that. However - I am not a lawyer, so you should get other advice if you are unsure.