Use dynamic image in Summary Card with Large Image


Hi ,
am trying to use Summary Card with Large Image in a dynamic manner.
In my site users comes and create a custom content. I create a snapshot of the content and
enables them to tweet on their time-line using this Summary Card with Large Image.

But no matter what the content wont change neither the image.
I have tried the troubleshooting steps mentioned in the below link.
But still no success.

Here is my test url :
You can check the source code to see the meta tags i have used.
I have placed two images for checking if the image changes dynamically.

Always the below image is shown.
meta name=“twitter:image” content=“

Because i used it first.

Now when i try using another as shown below its not updating.
meta name=“twitter:image” content="

Please kindly look into this issue and guide us if we are doing something wrong.



Unfortunately unless you are generating unique URLs with different card markup and images every time, that first cached image will be the one shown, until the Cards crawler revisits your site in about 7 days.


This really does not help my case scenario…
Are there any future plans to add this dynamic feature for summary cards. That would be very helpful.
Currently as a workaround we are using the twitter php api. But it involves much coding and we are not programmers.


I can’t comment on any future plans around making Cards more dynamic at the moment.