Use $ (dollar tag) in query


Hello everyone,

I have set up the dev environment for my 30 days and full archive sandbox.
I have a premium account and I am able to query for example “AMZN” but when I made it “$AMZN” it returns error 422.

I have tried more complex rules, but I really need the dollar tag in the query.

Best regards for the support,


Have a look at for more on “cashtags”. It turns out that $ is for Enterprise only, not Premium:

“Note that this operator is only available in the enterprise search APIs.”

e.g. quoted “$cashtag” will match “cashtag” but not cashtag (use the cashtag operator without quotes to match on actual cashtags.


Thanks for your feedback Igor.

Is that any way to request enterprise access for research purposes?


Not as far as i know - i haven’t heard of any special access for research purposes since the data grants thing


Do you know any workaround to collect such kinda of information?


I guess the easiest way to do it would be to perform a normal search for “AMZN”, grabbing more tweets, and do your own parsing with something like to reject the tweets that aren’t proper cashtags


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