Use case w/ more than 10 apps


I am trying to increase the number of apps we can have under our account and followed the steps in

I received a response 2 weeks later saying that they could not help and pointed me to this forum. The forum pointed me back to the policy support form. I tried again then got a response (2 weeks later also) and tried to respond but the ticket was automatically closed. I tried opening another ticket and am still waiting (i assume another 2 weeks) to get a response.

It’s been 1.5 months of me trying to communicate with somebody on the twitter platform team but havent had any resolution. Is this the best way to address the issue? Am I going through the correct process?


The process outlined in the documentation that you linked to is still accurate.

After syncing with the agent that was reviewing your application, it sounds like we did respond to you with a definitive answer. Please make sure you review our developer agreement.