Usage of "exclude_reply_user_ids" received "parameter is invalid" error



(For the tweet_mode=‘extended’, of course):
given a tweet ‘@myhandler @excludeme1 @excludeme2 some text’, then responding to a it with the parameters:, auto_populate_reply_metadata=True, tweet_mode='extended', exclude_reply_user_ids=[excludeme1_id, excludeme2_id]
I receive the response [{u'message': u'exclude_reply_user_ids parameter is invalid.', u'code': 44}]. Is it because support for exclude_reply_user_ids is not implemented? There is not much in the docs about this parameter, other than it’s supposed to be a list of user ids.
Moreover, the error code 44 is only mentioned in connection with the 44 attachment_url parameter. Any insight is appreciated. Thanks


The new replies logic is not yet live, so this may not be working yet.


Hi andypiper,

Could you please give an example of “exclude_reply_user_ids”? Must these ids be numbers (e.g. java long) or text screen names or both? If text screen names, should they be prefixed with “@”?



User ID on Twitter means the numeric value - screen name is the text value (which can change, while ID does not).

Since this is not a fully live feature yet I don’t have any test code of my own to share.


Thank you.


Hi andypiper,

May I suggest a new usage of the exclude_reply_user_ids parameter?
Can we let
to mean excluding all user IDs except for the first person (i.e. the immediate poster which we cannot exclude anyway)?

Thank you.


I will pass this along but as this feature is a long way into testing I cannot say if we will be able to make this change before launch. Thanks for the idea!


You’re welcome.


Thanks for the replies, and +1 to @g2wang’s suggestion.


Is this resolved, I am still getting this error post the API release also.


Should be working fine. What value are you passing to the API call?