Usage Criteria on Streaming API (on statuses/filter)



I am new to twitter API and after reading through the documentation, I believe ‘statuses/filter’, streaming API is best to get real time updates on the user ids that will be part of follow parameter (To get tweet updates, users here maybe few 10 -20 users), given that ‘Site Streams’ is in beta restricted access.

I would like to know that by using one of the popular node modules and with application level tokens; will Twitter block access(IP blacklist etc) in case if streams are open each, on one machine to the streaming api using same application tokens? Will this be considered as abuse on Twitter API?

One App A in Twitter
key, secret, etc.

Machine A, Running node -> follow [multiple users] -> connection open (using App A tokens)
Machine B, Running node -> follow [multiple users (different sets) ] -> connection open (using App A tokens)
Machine C, Running node -> follow [multiple users (possibly same users) ] -> connection open (using App A tokens)

If yes, can you educate me on following the proper streaming API/ Guidelines ?

I believe, I need to destroy the stream and then reconnect, in case Twitter API sends 420 error code?

Thank You.


Can someone please reply to this query?