Urls with hashbang not working properly on some browsers


We found that some browsers are not correctly redirecting when the url contains '#!".

With Chrome it seems to work fine (regardless of the version)
With Firefox, on the latest version (59.0.2), sometimes it redirects to the twitter home page and other times it works as expected. With version 57 it seems to work. Other people have reported the page to stay blank.

This is the link we are using at the moment for tests:


What’s the developer platform issue that you’re describing here?


We have our own platform developed in Java, and some customers are complaining about this #! redirection, but it seems to be a browser issue. It started happening last week, and I find it weird that there are no recent articles nor posts about it.

I wonder if we should just remove the #!, but we would like to have an ‘official’ answer about this, since we don’t want to change it back again.



Apparently it only happens when you are logged in. With no session, it works as expected.


Unfortunately we’re not able to provide any support for questions related to the twitter.com website or mobile apps on the developer forums. From what you’re describing, it sounds like there’s probably a session or cookie issue related to the browser in use, but that’s the only pointer I could really suggest.


Thank you.


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