URLs in tweets returned by search API not appearing in URL entities


We’ve seen many instances where “GET search/tweets” returns a tweet whose text contains an URL, but the URL entity array for the tweet is empty. Is this a bug?

Here is a sample call:


As of today, this returns a single tweet (“id_str”: “385470267784712192”) that has this text:

"Learning about @NodeXL with creator @Marc_Smith. Excited to get a hold on this great #analytics tool! #NodeXL #DC http://t.co/0BweNi9vAS"

The text contains “http://t.co/0BweNi9vAS”, which is a valid URL that resolves to “https://twitter.com/jacksonohoward/status/385470267784712192/photo/1”. However, the entities/urls array for this tweet is empty.



I am also encountering this issue. There is a URL in the tweet, but it’s not appearing in the urls entity array. Thus the script I’m using to convert text into clickable links does not work.

Have you found any fix?