Url with no post image,how to fix it?


A few days ago when i try to post urls from my blog on twitter they go naked with no photo, please tell me how to fix the ussue?
I couldn’t get the answer anywhere on web so sorry if i chose not suitable category i hope you answer ti me


Everything is working fine. Do you still have the problem?


Yes dear, when I checked my blog urs on card validator it says warn: not whitelisted, and there is no option to take any action , how can i whitelist my blog , I am using CMS blogger?


I get onlu naked urls from my blog lije this


Please see this,

And for validating cards @andypiper can help you as a Twitter stuff.


Did you read the topic that I linked in my previous reply? If not, please read it. And, wait for any Twitter stuff to response. I am no official.


I have read thanx but it’s so confusing to me, i need clear and simple steps to solve the issue and how to contact officials


I found the way how to add a twitter summury card in blogger and fixed blurry thumbnail which were showing, but do i need to paste url from my blog post each time in twitter card validator as to show with photo on twitter?


That post contains basic information or known problem’s solution of Twitter Card. So sorry that you found that confusing.

As I said before, please wait for official’s reply. I’ve also mentioned a Twitter official in one of my early replies. You can also file a ticket here, https://support.twitter.com/forms.


I am so sorry, I don’t get what you want to say.


I think I have solved the issue thank you for your assistance dear, have a great day


Awesome :slight_smile:. Actually I have been busy for my graduation exam. And it’s the reason I couldn’t reply you in time. Glad you’ve solved your problem

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