URL was validated but when tweeted not showing


My website url is https://www.denzina.com.tr.

I checked my url in validator tool. I see the card in preview. But when I post, the card was not shown, Could you kindly check it.

Meanwhile another url in my website https://www.denzina.com.tr/louise-bourgeois faces the same issue, the card preview is OK but does not show when posted.

Thank you for your concern.


I am not able to reproduce the issue, it works fine here when clicking on “View Summary”:


Yes, it works fine in test, in validator tool… But not in live. If you kindly go to the website and click the tweet button, you will receive only page title and url, not the card.


The screenshot was an actual Tweet I posted. Note that you are not supposed to see the card while writing the Tweet, only when it was sent and appears on timeline.