URL not being shortened when Twitter button is used on Website


Hi there,

My name is Sarah, and i have the twitter button set up on my website to tweet the current page/article the person is on. It works just fine, (count, posting…etc) but it never auto-shortens the URL for me. I was wondering if I did something wrong or I have to enable something on my end. Any help you can give would be very much appreciated.

Thank you so much!

Sarah Fox

Website = gamingexaminer.com

example for problem = http://www.gamingexaminer.com/netflix-launches-qwikster-adds-games-rental-for-ps3-xbox-360-wii/11129/


Hi Sarah, try double checking the intent popup window - you’ll see the full link in the input box, but the character count should reflect the length after URL shortening, and you should see the text “Links will be automatically shortened.” next to the Tweet button. (See: https://skitch.com/kurrik/f4r35/share-a-link-on-twitter)


@kurrik hi thank you SO much for the quick response, I do see that message “Links will be automatically shortened”, i assumed it would be in a shortened link, (like bit.ly) but i guess it just means it would be cut-off?

Right now I see that message and it isn’t being “wrapped” i think it’s called. Could be totally wrong, it’s just very long.

Was I just assuming wrong, and everything is working ok?


I think everything is working as it should. Since Twitter has moved to using the t.co shortener, it automatically displays such links as expanded (but cut off if they’re very long) in the Twitter UI. Clicking the cut off link should still bring you back to the correct URL on your site. If you check the REST API though, you’ll see the shortened t.co URL in the text field of the update.


I have a similar issue on my website,

On type=“IN/Share” script for the button, the data-url is being ignored altogether. No link shortened or otherwise is displayed on the message UI.

On standard status update links, the link is not being shortened and is therefore exceeding the 140 characters. On submission, I am getting the “ops! Your tweet was over 140 characters.” message. Why is the t.co shortener not working.

The code used can be found here dev1.mycountdown dot org/test.html


I’m trying to share the current page URL which i fetched it and save in my HTML textarea using javascript and below that i’m having a tweet button. I integrate the tweet button with twitter API, once we click on the tweet button it redirects to twitter login page, and ask the user to login in, once they logged in it will shows the tweetbox, here i need to display the url which is there in my HTML textarea automatically.
Can any one please help me to sort out this issue asap?
Thanks in Advance.


My URL´s are not being shortened. And Twitter stated that they will shorten every URL no matter its size.


Same here.


My links are not being shortened. I copy the URL and paste it into the Twitter box, but they don’t shorten, which forces me to shorten my comment. Please advise. Thank you.