URL entered in twitter blog is not showing correctly in RSS feed



I posted few comments in the twitter blog. I posted some text along with internal website url.
When i’m trying to read RSS feed file using the below url. It’s showing some different\garbage url

Is there way can i get actual entered text along with url in the RSS feed file? You may send you reply on atuldivecha@hotmail.com.
I would be appreciated if you replied on it asap.



Keep in mind that that RSS feed will cease functioning in March 2013.

Links in tweets are wrapped with the t.co URL wrapper. Our primary data response format, JSON, provides you additional information about the true nature of these URLs. RSS isn’t capable of communicating this information and safely guarding the URL. You should use a more information-rich response format if you’re interested in working with the expanded URLs.


Can it possible for you to send me either JSON code, URL or reference document? I tried to search it on google and come across with the below url but It doesn’t showing me true website url which i entered on the twitter website.


For API v1, which will only exist until March 2013, you need to use include_entities=true as a parameter to see the entity nodes that describe the URLs: https://api.twitter.com/1/statuses/user_timeline.json?screen_name=bobswabby&inclue_rts=true&include_entities=true

Look for the “entities” node that is a child of each tweet.

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