URL count not updating


Hi folks. I have a tweet button on a website that isn’t updating its count. Here is my syntax:


When this is clicked, I get into the Twitter post page, with the Textarea filled out propertly. The bit.ly URL in the data entered into the textarea resolves properly, so I am not sure why it isn’t working. The right information is indeed going through the system, but Twitter isn’t registering the url as being posted.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?



Ah dang, that didn’t post. Maybe I should check it next time. Stupid me…here’s the syntax:



Caching. It can take some time for the real results to show.


OK but some of these are taking weeks, if at all. Is that normal? What should I expect?


Is there anybody home here? Is this an actual ticket, or have I missed something? Where can I file a ticket? This API seems to have dropped the ball somewhere.


When sharing examples like this, it’s best to include the actual domain names that you’re using so that they can be researched.

Since I’m helping you with a specific scenario ( http://www.huntingcamponline.com/index.lasso?page=picdetail&pid=287 ) let’s talk about this specific scenario.

To test I’ve created a tweet utilizing the tweet button on that page, resulting in this tweet: https://twitter.com/#!/oauth_dancer/status/101041454910148609

After about 15 minutes of caching passed by, in addition to flushing my browser’s cache to ensure that my browser was fetching the most current count, the site at http://www.huntingcamponline.com/index.lasso?page=picdetail&pid=287 now indicates a tweet count of 2.

Sometimes when one issues test tweets with URLs with a dedicated test account or an account that hasn’t “baked” into Twitter yet, the count will not increment.


Taylor, I’ve posted this no less than three times and answered that question somewhere else.

So then how did you get that tweet? That isn’t anywhere near what is produced by the Tweet button. This is what is generated:

I found this on www.huntingcamponline.com #hunting http://t.co/AK1m9ZS

You can copy urls all you want, but you’re going against the very nature of the Twitter API as published.

This isn’t about cache. Tweets for this site haven’t shown up for over a month. Yes I restart my machine and I often turn off my browser cache as a developer should. The API as given in the Twitter pages doesn’t generate what you put.

So go back to that url and show me what comes up when you click on the Tweet button. It should be exactly what’s set in the syntax above. How you got what you did is very strange.


I used the tweet button on that same page and changed the content of the tweet while keeping the URL being used intact (like any end-user can): http://www.huntingcamponline.com/index.lasso?page=picdetail&pid=287

The Tweet Button’s count function only takes the URL you explicitly specify in “data-url” into account for the count and will count any instance of that URL being tweeted by an account in good standing – the rest of the content of the tweet is irrelevant as far as counting is concerned.

Do you have some links to other tweets that have this URL that aren’t being counted?

  1. Don’t change a thing. The very reason to have a button is to lead people through this. Not a single person has done what you have done, nor should it be expected that they are going to do that. You’ve taken the need out of the button.

  2. That URL never shows up. The t.co system takes over and shortens it. THAT is where the problem lies. The shortening is messing up the referenced URL.

  3. Every url in the system that gets shortened by t.co has no count. Every single one.

Like I said, post what you find and you’ll find all the answers in there. Don’t change a thing. Walk through it and you’ll see that it does nothing.


That is the url that’s posted, but it gets shortened and I want to be able to use that URL (the short version), but Twitter’s shortening tool kills it. That should also augment the count, but it doesn’t. I find it strange I’m the first one bringing this up.


As far as the tweet count service goes, your URL whether wrapped with t.co or not is exactly the same thing. All tweets issued from the Tweet Button that contain URLs will have them wrapped by t.co.

When a user performs a search for the fully qualified URL: http://www.huntingcamponline.com/index.lasso?page=picdetail&pid=287 it will match both t.co-wrapped links as well as naked links.

Are you sure that this specific URL, complete with the pid=287 and page=picdetail parameters has been tweeted by public accounts more than twice?

As for the tweet text being alterable: completely by design. A user should always be able to change the text of a tweet they are going to issue from their own account. Your goal might be to have them tweet the exact phrase you’ve prepared, but the user is control as to what will actually be tweeted at all times.

Just to be sure, are you wanting to the count to reflect tweets issued about the specific page they are appearing on or count all tweets with URLs pointing at the www.huntingcamponline.com domain?


The t.co wrapping is the only thing that’s going wrong. OK, do the following:

Pick any page in that system. Tweet it just as it comes through (it will be shortened). Watch it not get augmented.

This whole system has been up for months with Tweet buttons integrated just the way it is. Nothing is showing up. Only direct posts with the full GET urls (…?page=picdetail&pid=XXX) are counted. That’s why this one is showing 2, as I’ve chosen it to demonstrate the problem.

This is not about a tweet being editable. Even the textarea in the resulting Twitter domain Tweet submission page has the shortened URL. Like I said, not a single person has modified the URLs, as the button completely changes it. That’s the very point of the button. Nobody is going to go back and grab the fully qualified URL when the button progress takes it and shortens it.

The button is about the individual posting, not the domain. The top page has the domain tweet button, and that works.

Please, look into this. Shortening the individual post URLs is messing things up. All the syntax and pointers do their job (copy the shortened URL and you’ll see it goes right back to the proper huntingcamponline page), but the counters don’t augment.



hey rich …Thanx for updating but dis code is also not working.
Can u give another code so that the counter of the can be updated.


Since posted, Twitter has done something. It is now working. They had a related issue that might have been the problem. It seems to be working now.


My twitter button stopped counting tweets about 5 days ago. I have tried all i can, read most of the solutions to this problem, but cant get it ti to count. I use Digg Digg social bookmark plugin. My site runs on WordPress. - http://alltopstartups.com


Ya they’re messing with things in the background. They had a related issue with their new t.co recgonizing the underlying proper url. Submit a bug as they seem to pay attention to that.



I am using the below code for twitter in my site. Its taking more time to update count


Please help me.


I face the same problem does anyone have the solution?


yes i have the same problem wonder why


I’m having this issue too. At first I thought I needed to use a more recently provided tweet button, but still having this issue? Tweets go through, but no counting on the button?

Here’s the code:

Is there something I did wrong?

Any help would be appreciated.


It seems three people started having the same problem. Sounds like a Twitter problem. Find their support account on Twitter and let them know directly.