URL contains Malware?


Hey, I’m in the middle of making a website, with a blog, and others stuff.
The blog is made in Wordpress and I downloaded the “Social Login for Wordpress” plugin.
I wanted to make an App on Twitter so the Twitter login button would work, but every time I paste in my 000webhost domain link, Twitter says “URL contains Malware URL”. Or something like that.
Is there any way to solve this? Do I need to change domain in order to make the plugin work?
Interesting note is that Facebook rejects the URL, because it thinks the URL is fake…
I couldn’t figure out how the make the Google App, Windows Live works, Tumblr works, Steam works. AOL rejects for some reason too.
I believe the problems root are the same, but only Twitter specified the problem itself: the Malware.
What should I do now?


I also have this problem. There is a button on the site, which allows you to share the page with Twitter. When editing a profile on twitter, twitter writes “Url contains malware and description contains malware”.
Found a solution to this problem?


I have the same issue on my personal domain:



same problem here,whats up damn,and why we don´t become a answer here?
my domain http://hentaililly.com