URL containing tweets not appearing in hashtag topics. WP to Twitter App/API cause?



I am having this following issue and I am afraid it may have been related to my initial setup of WP-Twitter. During this setup, I was required to create an App here.

While the app functioned correctly, the following issue occurred:

Tweets that contain a URL link to my blog posts DO NOT SHOW UP in any hash tag topics I add to the tweet.

Tweets WITHOUT a URL link to my blog posts DO SHOW UP in hash tag topics I have added to the tweet.

*** It is the addition of a URL link to my blog that is causing this issue. ***

(All tweets do show up on my profile)

I deleted this app here and deactivated it in Wordpress. However, this core issue remains.

I am afraid that as a new Twitter user, activating this app and WP-Twitter may have had an impact on my account being able to include URL’s in tweets (and have them show up!) somehow.

Queries to the susal support channels have not resolved the issue - as I received mainly canned responses about not all tweets appear in search etc…

Mine do - unless I include a URL and this is not normal.

I beg - someone please help me out.




Have you figured this issue out by any chance? any progress?