Url_clicks always null?


Hi, we have been running queries for a while now on our tweets, but url_clicks never returns any data?
we are requesting VIDEO and ENGAGEMENT for our metrics groups. I saw this post,

which implied it doesn’t exist anymore, so does it exist? and if so, why does it never return, even for posts that we KNOW have link clicks?


Sorry for delay replying here. My understanding is that url_clicks would only ever be a subset of clicks on the promoted tweet (it definitely has data sometimes too…) - can you check to see if you are seeing data for the ‘clicks’ value instead?


Yes, we definitely have clicks! but we need Url_Clicks, which is always returning null for us, even on tweets that have links we know people are clicking. Any idea why?


The behavior seems to depend upon the type of card / objective - can you please either give example of a campaign ID / account ID or details about what objectives and creatives are involved?