[URGENT] Tweet Schema Changed yesterday without informing the developers



The path [tweet].[retweeted_status].[quoted_status].[favorite_count] property has changed from int to Nullable<int> yesterday.

Could you please revert this change right away as the we cannot release a fix in 1 day for the thousands of application using the library/tools that have been developed based on this assumption.

Thank you


I am not aware that anything has changed here. I will attempt to investigate but I am currently travelling.


Thank you @andypiper. I am urgently releasing a fix to the library but this is already affecting multiple users.

I know this has nothing to do with you but the dev team should inform the developers about this type of change. Right now multiple application break as this change was not prepared and the FavouriteCount property have always been a non nullable int since I started to work with the API.

For any Tweetinvi developer coming here please download the new version that has just been released on nuget nuget.org/packages/TweetinviAPI/


This may well have been inadvertent as usually a change like this would be communicated as you mention. I’ll see what I can discover - thank you for your diligence and support of our (joint) developer community.