[URGENT] Problem with twitter cards validation tool?


Sorry for the delay. We were seeing issues with our image fetcher. Testing it now, it properly shows the preview and the ability to submit. Please give it a shot and let me know.


Invalid card type for me too.


My site was previous validated, but has some how lost it?


Summary cards stopped working for altairsound.com months ago and Twitter support did nothing to help. Also, the validator keeps saying “unresolved address”, which is nonsense.


Does anyone know why mine isn’t working? http://www.footbasket.com/


The validator says that twitter:title is missing. Can you try to provide a value here?


When I go to validate http://www.4wd.com/jeep-parts-resource/zombie-jeep-parts-giveaway.aspx I get an invalid card name but I do not understand why. I am wondering if the twitter meta tags are contraindicated with some of the other open graph tags on the page.


Hi, Im just trying to verify http://covr.li/covr/macbook-pro-3/ and its not working it says: “invalid card type” but that is set. Any help?


Hmm Validator broken again?


Sorry for the delay. I’m having problems opening the URL http://www.4wd.com/jeep-parts-resource/zombie-jeep-parts-giveaway.aspx, regardless of the validator. If you have any updates, please let me know here!


Is the cards validator working for anybody else? https://dev.twitter.com/docs/cards/validation/validator


Yes, validator is broken again.


The Validator is showing “Unable to Load Card Catalog” when I try to use it.


When I try to open the validator page i get a “Loading card catalog… / This should only take a moment” message that turns into an error message (“Unable to load card catalog / Unfortunately the card catalog is unable to be loaded at this time. Please try again”).

Are others having the same issue? I’ve tried on several devices and browers.


I have all valid twitter values for video page, but my tweet is displayed as ‘summary’ instead of ‘media’. I am getting to validate my url, but validator is throwing error message “Unable to load card catalog / Unfortunately the card catalog is unable to be loaded at this time. Please try again”.


Seems to be broken. Again…


it’s back now.


While debugging why validator sometimes returns incorrect type error for the same mark-up, looked in returned data. It seems that validator removes trailing slashed from url’s.
If your enter http://example.com/section/item/ it will fetch http://example.com/section/item . I have solved issue for me by making redirect from http://example.com/section/item to http://example.com/section/item/ but that kind of url treatment is imo incorrect.


I’m experiencing problems with the validator. I’ve tried using several configurations that I’ve seen posted around the forum.



whats wrong with validator again? getting “exceeded 15.seconds to pink-floyd while waiting for a response for the request” every time I request for validation of my page.