Urgent problem with my twitter widget


Hello! Our organization has a website where we publish all our calls. In that website, we promote our twitter feed, because is important for us that our followers get related to our social networks, because there is where they finally get most of our info. Recently, in our website (https://www.projects.aegee.org/eop/ ), our widget (easy twitter feed widget) stopped showing our feed but just the newsfeed of the account twitterdev. I have read some but I can’t yet be sure about what happened. I took out the widget for now but we would really like to have it up soon because important events are coming up for our organization. Can you help us with this? Please! Is urgent!


Hi @eop_aegee,

I don’t see a Twitter Widget on your page, and I’m not that familiar with how “easy twitter feed widget” works, but you can create a widget using publish.twitter.com and add that code to your page.


Thank you Evan for your response. The reason why you can’t see it is because I took it off while I figure it out. The tweets appearing were not really on the line of our organization, or what we want to share.

I copied the URL from publish.twitter.com but I honestly don’t know where to put it in the “customize” section of wordpress.

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