*Urgent* No reply or assistance from this forum




This is the third post we are making on your forum as we have yet to receive proper reply or help from your end.

[Email - sonia.s@itcan.ae Twitter Handle - @itcandev]

Post 1- Your Application ID is not authorized
Post 2- No reply on application - Premium & Enterprise access

We applied for enterprise access and we have gotten no reply from your end. We are interested in applying for premium, but we have no clear information on what is the difference between sandbox, enterprise or premium.

Waiting for your quick reply and guidance soon.


Hi @itcandev,

Sorry for the delay and any inconvenience! I’ve passed along the contact info you sent me in our prior thread to the Enterprise sales team.



Hi! We have same issue. Nobody replied to our enterprise application neither to premium api request. Name and surname in application is “Emre Tuncer”


Sorry no one reached out to you, @suleyman ! Could you message me your email address and I can have someone from our sales team reach out to you?


Sure, however my account here is probably limited and I can’t send a private message. Email address for responsible person from our company is Emre Tuncer. Everything is same in application too. I’m just a developer :wink:


The premium APIs currently consist of two products: 30-day search, and full-archive search.

They have two formats - Sandbox (free), and Premium (paid, and tiered). You can see the differences between the Sandbox and Premium formats on this page for 30-day and this page for full-archive - essentially, in the Sandbox you have a smaller number of requests per month, less complex operators, and you do not have access to the counts endpoint; in the paid tiers, you can pay per month to upgrade the number of requests you are able to make. Click the “Select” pill button in the right-hand column for Premium to see the pricing for each of the products.

For enterprise, we have a wider range of APIs available beyond those two search APIs, including (for example) streaming PowerTrack, historical PowerTrack, and the Engagement API. Pricing can be discussed with our team based on your needs.

In all cases, we need to evaluate your use cases carefully, so when you fill out the forms to apply for premium or request a discussion on enterprise, it is very important that you clearly describe what you intentions are for the use of the APIs, and to be specific about which products you’re requesting access to.

We apologise that we are not able to respond to every access request via these forums - that’s what the application process is for. The premium APIs are still in beta and we are continuing to onboard developers on a gradual basis. Thank you for your patience.


Thank you so much for your clarification, we’re already using twitter api to automate account activity (mentions,dm) for our customers. However new account activity api will make instant notification instead of querying twitter rest api every minute.

Twitter doesn’t provide access to beta=> support went silent after we have answered some questions and making clarification (silent without reply for two month),

Ok, beta is not for everyone. But here https://twitter.com/TwitterDev/status/982346374992687104

“As a reminder, developers who want beta access to the Account Activity API can still apply.”

What about purchasing enterprise access to get that new account activity feature?

No sales for enterprises. answered requested questions, went silent for one week, another one also silent for more than one month.

I can’t understand one thing, what’s the problem with our application?