Uploading videos to Twitter using Twitter framework in iOS5


Hi Twitter team,

I have developed an iPhone application which can tweet the photos and videos using Twitter iOS SDK. Twitpic is used to upload the photos, Twitvid is used to upload the videos and the uploaded URLs are tweeted using the APIs provided by Twitter.
But, iOS 5 comes along with Twitter framework and it supports Single Sign On. Hence, I would like to integrate Twitter framework with my app.
Twitter framework provides APIs to upload and tweet photos but there are no APIs to upload and tweet videos.

a) Is there any way to tweet the videos using Twitter framework with Single Sign On feature?
b) If I get Authentication token, can I use TwitVid itself to upload videos and tweet the URL?
c) According to the documentation mentioned in the link ’ https://dev.twitter.com/docs/ios/using-reverse-auth ’ we can use reverse Auth to get the authentication token. Can I combine Single SIgn On of Twitter framework and Reverse Auth to successfully get auth token?

Thanks and Regards,


Hi Deepa,

Twitter doesn’t offer a video upload service at this time but you can use TWRequest to build (but not execute) an OAuth Echo account/verify_credentials request, which you would send Twitvid. This is likely similar to the process you already follow, only you’re leveraging TWRequest to build the request instead.

I’m not familiar enough with Twitvid to answer your second question.

Finally, yes, reverse auth allows you to obtain more tangible credentials which you can persist server-side or potentially leverage for integrations with Twitvid and such. However, you may find it unnecessary.


Thank you for the response.
I cannot get Access Token through OAuth Echo. I might have to wait for enabling reverse auth…