Uploading Photos


I have never been able to upload a photo on Twitter–I have always had to resort to third parties. Now I understand that many of those resources are being ordered by Twitter to no longer provide this service. Will Twitter now make their own programme more functional for uploading? Or maybe it is that I am doing something wrong. Please advice.

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Hi, this seems like more of an end-user product question rather than a developer question, or are you specifically referring to the upload API?

Sorry to hear that - can you be specific about the problems you’ve had trying to use our upload API?

I’m sorry you believe that you’ve read that somewhere, can you be specific? I don’t believe that this is true, and you’re welcome to upload your images anywhere you like - of course we think the photo features in the Twitter platform are very good as well.

We’ve been improving the photo experience on Twitter substantially over the past year, and recently added the options to upload multiple photos, and animated GIFs. What is your exact question in relation to the Twitter REST API?