Uploading media with status/update endpoint


I’m trying to upload media (specifically pictures) through the exploring console. I could upload them using the status/update_with_media endpoint, but I cannot do it with the the status/update endpoint. I made sure to copy over all the same fields from update_with_media to update, but my status updates without the picture. I also tried using media/upload, but that endpoint does not even come up in the exploring console. Does someone know how to upload media with a status without using update_with_media (this is a deprecated endpoint)?


You need to upload the media with media/upload and you only pass the media_ids to statuses/update not the actual upload itself


Is there any way to do this through the exploring console? Or do I have to make the requests from my own editor to see the result?

And thank you very much for your help!


Good point @HelenD1118, the media upload endpoint is not in the apigee console. I’ll investigate whether this is something the engineering team can add. This is being tracked internally as PREL-15236.

In the meantime, the easiest way to test media uploads and Tweeting with media IDs may be to use twurl on the command line. You can find an example using twurl for media uploads and Tweeting in this blog post.


@jbulava Thank you very much! In the meantime I got it working in my own script, and thank you for looking into the matter with the engineers! Please let us know if this becomes a new feature of the console.