Uploading Media through Direct Message using upload media API



Hi everyone,

I am trying to upload a GIF Image from SAP to Twitter as a reply to the Direct Message, but unfortunately i get an “Unauthorized” error while trying to do so using the media upload API. There is no issue as such in posting normal replies to DMs or in fetching or posting tweets through the other APIs.

I read that posting Media through DM was unavailable earlier.
Can you please let me know if it is possible to upload media through API to DM now?



No this is not currently available in the public API.


Can you guide if there is there another way that this can be achieved through?
or any plans in the future for this to be rolled out? I can see threads from previous years with the same question but seems there were no plans until now?



Nothing to share on this at the moment, sorry! When we have plans we would definitely share them here.


Any update here on this please? I hear there is something being developed and beta-tested on the same line of action? Can you please confirm?

And can you please also confirm if there is a paid/private API available as of now with which it might be possible to send images to my customers in DMs?



There is a set of new DM capabilities in private beta at the moment. There is no paid API available that would deliver what you are requesting.