Uploading media from my website



Hello! I have a website where users have custom short videos created for them (about 30 seconds). I have integrated a share feature for Facebook and would love to do the same for Twitter. I have looked around and see that several others have a similar problem but I haven’t been able to find a solution yet. I see that intent requests through the “tweet this” buttons will not work for uploading media. Is there a way to do this? I see that twurl can generate access tokens for users, is this what I would need to use?

EDIT: I posted about this topic a week ago as well and received no response. I’ve seen several people ask about this issue and not get a solid answer either. I see that the twitter staff replies to the large majority of posts here, so I find it odd that this issue consistently receives no solid response. I’m just looking for some guidance on if this is possible to do, and what tools twitter has available to do so


Twitter has no tools to help you to do so at this time.

You’d need some kind of plugin that enabled a user to sign-in with Twitter via your site, authorize the plugin to upload media on their behalf, and then handle the media upload and Tweet attachment.

Since we don’t provide any tools as part of Twitter for Websites at the moment, you’ll have to look for something third-party, or build something yourself.


Okay, thank you for your response


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