Uploading images in DMs



Will there be an endpoint for uploading images with DMs to pic.twitter.com like the official clients can now?

Can we also see images in the standard API as well, as it wouldn’t make sense if someone sends a DM with an image with Twitter for iPhone and can’t see them in any other app that supports Twitter DMs


We have no announced plans yet for providing a media upload endpoint for direct messages.

We’ll be releasing some documentation this week or early next on how to retrieve images attached to direct messages – it’s pretty simple, using OAuth 1.0A to retrieve the image instead of unauthenticated requests.



Are there any updates on this ? when will the api supports uploading media to direct messages ?




Are you have any plan that support uploading image to direct messages via API?



just wondering if there have been any updates in terms of possible future plans to have image upload in DM be available via API?


Nothing to say on that at the moment I’m afraid.


Any updates on this? KLM airlines is sending boarding pass on DM, is it a manual thing?


hello any update on this?

Thaks you


There’s no API support for this at the moment.


This is ridiculous. And Twitter wonders why it’s secondary to Facebook…


Sorry, can you offer a more useful contribution to this thread? I’d take a moment to remind you of our community guidelines. Please seek to add value to threads on this forum.

What is your requirement here? We’re always looking to expand the API features available in useful directions, so if we can understand use cases, we can use those to help to prioritise our roadmap. Thank you.


Well, your priorities to allow “offers support” to Twitter accounts in the latter half of last year but not allow people to DM images that can provide the context for support delivery is a perfectly valid use case–if a customer DMs me, the images don’t go through if they are using a platform on the API.

But fair call on the “community guidelines” and my apologies for the insulting comment without any context.


Thank you. There is additional work in the pipeline around DMs as you have seen, but the API is still currently being beta-tested; I believe (but I am not certain) that this would encompass adding images. Keep an eye out for a broader roll-out in the coming months. We have been working with some of those customer service-related platforms and products on the beta, so hopefully this will be less painful for you in the future.


Great, glad to hear it is (possibly) in the pipeline. Thank you.


Hi Andy,

What is the best way to get in touch about being one of those customer service related platforms to be a part of the beta? We too are one such platform and would love to be a part of this.



Missed this, adding images to DMs would be awesome. One of my most requested features. I believe Group DMs and polls come a close second and third :wink:


You can read about the new features in our blog post and there’s a link to apply for access at the end.


Any update will come in near future regarding media upload in DM? Its highly required feature in API.


Want to add another +1 here – this is my most common customer-requested feature.

I got excited when I saw the blog post/update – here’s hoping the activity on direct messages is a good sign.


This is available through the new APIs.