Upload videos longer than 140s for Media Studio partners



According to the Media Studio documentation (https://business.twitter.com/fr/help/troubleshooting/media-studio-faqs.html), partner accounts can upload videos longer than 140 seconds (up to 10 minutes).

  • Is there a way to check with the REST API if a user is a Media Studio partner ?
  • using a Media Partner partner account, is it possible to upload a 10 minute video with Media API (chunked upload on https://upload.twitter.com/1.1/media/upload.json) ?



+1. I have a Media Studio account that has access to 10-minute videos (and I have sent a few on the desktop with almost that duration) but in the API there’s no way I can send videos over 140 seconds.
Maybe there’s a different REST API for Media Studio? Or some undocumented media/upload parameters?


Here is some context on this subject:


What is a “long video”? My user has access to 10-minute video and still media/upload doesn’t accept videos with more than 140 seconds.
I think there’s a bug in the documentation or in the media/upload implementation.

Cutting to the chase: is there any way to upload long videos (>140 sec) automatically?


I believe the answer here is setting the media_category value to amplify_video. Can you try that and let us know if it works?

Additionally, for reference I’d recommend taking a look at our uploading media tutorial as well.



Sorry for the late reply. Yes, amplify_video did work, many thanks.
This information should be on the media/upload documentation, imho.