Upload STATUS throw 503



Whenever I try to access the Upload STATUS endpoint it results in 503.

HTTP/1.1 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable

"errors":  [
      "message": "Over capacity",
      "code": 130

All the other endpoints work properly. Any problem on the servers?


Im getting the same response with uploading a video…




Guys could you please reply?


I’ve made the Media Platform team aware of this post as well as this one in order to investigate and respond.




It doesn’t sound like there are issues on the server. One of the engineers was curious to know if you take advantage of the check_after_secs value in the response for how often to re-poll. Making calls in a smaller window would result in this error message. This message can be returned when there is a rate limiting issue, not necessarily a server “over capacity” issue.


I was making only 1 call to the STATUS command.

I will try again today and get back to you.


I can confirm that the problem is still happening for just 1 request to the STATUS COMMAND.

More information below:

Query : https://upload.twitter.com/1.1/media/upload.json?command=STATUS&media_id=730321335977545728

Status Code : 130
Error Description from Twitter : Over capacity


Ok, thanks. And are you waiting for the check_after_secs number of seconds between calling FINALIZE and STATUS? This value is given in both the FINALIZE and STATUS responses. Have you tried increasing that wait time slightly if so?


Hi @jbulava,

I think that is the solution, you should provide the media_category in order to not retrive this error.

In our case (we’re uploading videos) using amplify_video

And now it works like a charm!


I will try this out, is there a documentation listing the different media_category?


Hi @TweetinviApi,

Here you have the docs saying about it : https://dev.twitter.com/rest/reference/post/media/upload-init

Also I’ve found a post from @andypiper talking about the different options Media_category values

But also, if you try thouse values you get an error, and it says what value should be…

It’s a little embarrassing but it works for me!



Thank you. So the only solution you had was amplify_video.
Have you tried to get the status with an image?

I will try this out tonight when I am out of work.


The thing is that with the images I don’t use chunked upload, son I don’t need INIT / APPEND / …

So I don’t know



@TweetinviApi Did you try the upload with the media_category option?



Hi, I just tried that without success here are my calls :



// Also tried with media_type=video/mp4




Waiting for 2 seconds after the APPEND and then :



Wow, It’s really stragnte, It works for me now like a charm!..

Could you share your RAW responses?


INIT Query


INIT Response




APPEND Response

No response -> 200 Status Code



STATUS Response

503 Status Code


I think you forgot to do the "FINALIZE Query!