Upload speed to TON



Are there any benchmarks results for the TON API in terms of speed?
I would like to know what are the average speeds in terms of uploading a chunk for 1Mb, 10Mb, 100Mb etc from AWS?
For instance, when uploading a 40Gb file to TON, I can of course break it down in 1 Mb chunks and upload the chunks in parallel via a thread pool of 100 threads (thus giving me 1Mb * 100 = 1000Mbytes/second potential bandwidth ) but can this every be achieved?
What are the recommended upload bandwidth to use for uploading to TON? (Or what is the size of the data pipe for such uploads and/or whatever bandwidth throttling it might be applied?) This data would help a lot of us schedule our uploads more efficiently – no point in trying to upload 500 chunks in parallel if I get network bound and I’m better off only sending 10 chunks in parallel at a time, right?


There are no limits or best practices for the TON API in terms of bandwidth. Instead, we limit based on chunk size and the number of requests you’re allowed to make during a given time period.

As noted in the docs, the maximum chunk size allowed is 64MB. However, we do recommend using a smaller chunk size like 32MB or 8MB as a safe default to help avoid timeouts during the chunk upload due to network latency.

For default TON API access levels, you’re limited to 50 requests / per user token / per 15 mins. If you have elevated TON API access you can make up to 90,000 requests / per user token / per 15 mins.