Upgrading to read/write causes prompt to refresh not redirect


We have an app (id 1370730) that recently upgraded from read-only to read/write. Authentication works fine, redirecting users back to our website with omniauth-twitter and Ruby on Rails backend. The problem is if somebody has previously allowed read-only access and they try to login to our app, it requests read/write permissions with the standard dialogue but it doesn’t redirect to our app, it just stays on the request permissions dialogue page. If you look at the application permissions under the user’s settings they stay at read-only. Clicking “cancel” DOES redirect back to our website. If the user deletes the app under user settings and tries to login it seems to work just fine.


I have experienced this exact same issue. Changing permissions from read-only to read/write after I’ve already granted read-only access to my application causes the login page to never redirect back to my site. However, if I revoke the app’s permissions and repeat, it works just fine.


I have the same issue too. I think it is a bug on Twitter platform.


This problem occurs even when REDUCING from write to read permissions - and has been going on for over a year.

User needs to revoke app and then auth again - who would know or bother to do this?



It is still happening. Have you found a workarround?


Same problem for me