Updating TWTRTimelineViewController with report function



Continuing the discussion from Apple rejects app because it lacks a report function:

So I see this is closed but wanted to let you guys know this is still very much an issue. I actually had to pull my entire TWTRTimelineViewController even though I had filter:safe etc because apple would not approve it without report functionality. I appealed and spoke with them over the phone and they would not change their stance, this was about 2 months ago.

I shipped my app without that feature, and eventually I may make my own TableViewController using the REST APIs and add report functionality, but as of right now TWTRTimelineViewController is useless in production. It would save a lot of headaches if you guys added the little report button. Anyway, I was emailing someone on the twitter team about this but got busy with other projects but am now circling back on this and wanted to bring it up again.

If I am missing something I am open to suggestions, but really would be nice if Twitter just baked in the functionality to TWTRTimelineViewController.


@madebydouglas Thanks for brining this back up and letting me know the results from Apple. It’s very interesting as they don’t seem to be applying the same standard for all apps - for example, the NBA uses the Twitter Kit timelines without issue. However, your point is definitely valid and I’ll raise this back up internally.


Interesting, well yeah i dont know what they could be doing that I haven’t tried other than being the NBA. And i think we all know apple isnt as objective as they might claim to be on things like that. Anyway cool, let me know if any changes are inbound.


Will keep you updated @madebydouglas and sorry you got the tougher review from Apple.