Updating Twitter Streaming API in real time


I’m using the tweepy module to access Twitter’s streaming API. What I’ve done previuosly is to define a set of keywords and insert them into a list terms[]:

streamer.filter(track = terms)

Would it be possible to update the list with new keywords WHILST the streamer.filter(track = terms) is running and so track is searching for keywords dynamically as opposed to an static list.



Ranjeev, did you get any further with this?


You must reconnect to change the terms you are tracking with the Streaming API – there’s now way around it.


Even i want to know if we can use the ‘filter’ or ‘track’ in streaming api to search for keywords that we give dynamically. Pls do reply


You would have to reconnect each time – there’s no way to dynamically change the keywords of an already open connection.


I’m trying this as well. So I stop the stream, update the tracks and start it again.
But it works only for 2 times.
The 3rd time the stream does not get initialized.
I have to stop the application and start it again.
Is this a limitation of twitter?