Updating tweets that have already been fetched


I need to track favourites and retweet counts of an updated collection of tweets with a certain hash tag(expecting thousands). I can use Streaming API to track the tweets as they are made in-real time but I won’t have the most recent counts of favorites and retweets.

I can use the Streaming API to constantly record tweets that come in, and separately use the status show in the REST API to refetch the tweet to check to see if the favorites or retweet counts have changed, as fast as the API limits allow (which I will be hitting easy).

Am I on the right track or is there a better way of approaching this?


have you found any solution?


There really is no easy solution. You have to understand that people build entire companies and services around tweet tracking. Dealing with big data is not a small feat.

What I ended up doing is set up a separate app to constantly read in tweets, and when I’m showing tweets to my users I update any relevant info (favourite, retweet count) before presenting it to them.

As for API limits, I have a enough users where I can through a “pool” of API keys to fetch tweets, even if its not a tweet for that user.