Updating app permissions for existing users


We have an app which uses OAuth with Read Only access with thousands of users who have connected to our website over the past couple of years. Recently we have needed to extend the permissions to Read/Write for certain tasks so we have changed the app settings on our account to RW and regenerated the Consumer Key and Secret. The old RO keys still work (thankfully) but we are checking the user’s current permissions and if they need RW access, we are directing them to the OAuth page (using the new Consumer Key/Secret) to renegotiate the tokens and get new ones for the upgraded permissions. Only this doesn’t work. We get a “Something is technically wrong.” error message when they click through to Twitter (screenshot below). I’m guessing this is because they have already granted RO access to our account using a different Consumer Key. How are our current users supposed to be able to renegotiate their keys and get fresh ones for the new RW permissions? I can’t find information about this anywhere on the web.


We’re also experiencing the same issue, it’s not just a case of permissions as I’ve tried reverted back to read only and get the same issue - if the app key has changed at all Twitter it is a problem when the user is trying to auth and they’re already logged in. If they’re not logged into twitter, the manual username/password process seems to clear it and add the new permissions/key without any trouble.


We are also facing the same issue. This can be temporary fixed by using “https://api.twitter.com/oauth/authorize?oauth_token=” instead of “https://api.twitter.com/oauth/authenticate?oauth_token=