Updated Image Size Guidelines


As we continue to roll-out the new Twitter profile pages (https://blog.twitter.com/2014/coming-soon-a-whole-new-you-in-your-twitter-profile), we now have updated guidelines for image sizes that you upload via the REST API. We now recommend that profile banners be 1500x500 pixels in size, and that profile images (avatars) be 400x400 pixels in size. We’ve updated our documentation around this on the following pages.


Profile Images (400x400):

Profile Banners (1500x500):


The new profile is a mess in Opera 12:

can you do something to fix this?


Opera 12, or Opera 21?

I’ve just tried in Opera 21 (which appears to be the current / most recent version) and the layout looks good there.


On a business account I manage, I’m uploading a 1500 x 500 image that has a resolution of 600 dpi.

The font looks blurry because of my screen resolution is 1920 x 1080.

Wouldn’t it be better to have a super large image that downsized, rather than a small image that is up-sized?


Uploaded a 1500x500 .png header, I get an internal server error on both chrome and ff.
I converter it to .jpg, it worked,but the quality is horrible.


Opera 12.17

All the other browsers work “like it should”, I find the issue in the CSS, and I know that no body cares about the good Opera 12.17 so I apply to my browser the fix as it admit external CSS files to overrite the site ones.


Uploading a beautiful 1500x500 png file, the file gets blurry and faded. This is not ok. Solutions?


Hi Guys,

I really don’t know why you claim the size is 1500 px X 500px. If i use this size i still lose 70px on the top and on the bottom.

Aside from that, the quality is horrible, it is all blurry when my image is Hi-res with 300dpi. Please fill us in on the right size.


Does the dimensions have to be 1500 x 500? It takes the jpg, but the image doesn’t capture the full picture and it can’t be adjusted. Any thoughts?