Update with media problem while trying to upload file form url or location without making the file submit through form



I am working on a simple app which requires me to post twitter with images now i am using the themattharris api.

now what i noticed is that with or without using this api i can’t share a link with twitter using the https://api.twitter.com/1.1/statuses/update_with_media.json

api method.

the problem is that if i submit a form then image will be post but since i am working on an app which will post the image once its uploaded and reformatted with the php library and only i got is the image url from the database in the end. now i am trying to send this url to the response api using the request method as mention in different tutorials but no luck. if any body know about it then please share it with me.

thank you



You cannot pass just a URL to an image into statuses/update_with_media – you need to actually upload the image that will then be hosted on Twitter’s servers.