Update with media and start tweet with reply/mention @username


Just encountered a bizarre problem when making a post with 1.1/update_with_media. Turns out if I the tweet text starts with @username, the request fails and I get a response code of 0 with no error information using the tmhOauth php library: one of those “blank screen” errors. After a few hours, I found a resolution by putting a space before the text of the tweet, which Twitter or tmhOauth trims and successfully posts thereafter.

Is this because the tweet appears to be a reply (or in my case a mention with the @username starting the tweet)?
Are we supposed to do something special if we are beginning an update_with_media tweet with @username?
If not, is my resolution indicative of a bug? It seems dangerous to assume that putting a space before your tweet will ensure that it gets handled properly.

This was most frustrating. Any guidance on this issue for a non-developer like me would be appreciated.


I am also facing the same problem. Did you find a solution?


I start those tweets with .
.@username is a name


Guys, your problem is solved:

You need to re-download the latest version of the file, else make the minor change I put.