Update TwitterKit with new circle user image and iPhone X support?



Is it on your plans to update TwitterKit for iOS and Android with the new circle user image like the new twitter design, and also add support for iPhone X ? I saw the close button (X) on imageViewer is not on safe Area as Apple guidelines suggest.

Do you have TwitterKit iOS sdk on github?
I can do the changes by myself and create a pull request if you want.


Adapting the new design for Twitter Kit and open-sourcing iOS SDK are in plan.
We are aware of the image viewer bug, and will have fix for next release.


iPhone X will be released in 3 days from now, new TwitterKit version is coming sooner?


@katejaiheelee would really like to know when the next release can be expected. The image viewer bug is pretty annoying since it forces the user to kill the app and relaunch. Accidental taps on images by iPhone X users can cause a pretty bad user experience…


You said “We are aware of the image viewer bug, and will have fix for next release” when version of TwitterKit is 3.2.1.
TwitterKit 3.2.2 is released.
But nothing fixed.
Would you please fix this bug sooner.


The iPhone X support does not exist on TwitterKit 3.3.0. See below how to fix this thing with the overlapping of statusbar.


TwitterKit iOS SDK is on github


Yes 3.3 is on GitHub but it doesn’t seem to fix the image (and video) viewer bug on iPhone X in portrait. I spent considerable time today getting the Github version built because the version on your developer site for manual install wasn’t updated (I’ve since found another thread with a link to built version of 3.3) only to discover it doesn’t fix this issue properly.


add View controller-based status bar appearance to YES on Info.plist to fix the problem with the overlapping of statusbar over the X button


Thanks, that worked.


Worked for me, too. Unfortunately, I spotted another issue with video seeking: