Update to Developer Rules of the Road for ad targeting


Today we shipped an addition to the Developer Rules of the Road (section 1.4.7). It reads:

“[You will not attempt or encourage others to] use Twitter Content, by itself or bundled with third party data, to target users with advertising outside of the Twitter platform, including without limitation on other advertising networks, via data brokers, or through any other advertising or monetization services.”

We have received questions about suitable advertising-related use cases for Twitter data and wanted to provide further clarification to our developer ecosystem. This is similar to the policy around retargeting from the Twitter Ads MSA (section 3). This policy is intended to protect the privacy of our users so that users’ interests and conversations on Twitter are not unexpectedly used to target them with advertising on other platforms. “Don’t surprise users” is one of the longstanding core principles of the Developer Rules of the Road, and this update should help clarify what that means for ad targeting.

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