Update status without Login form


I would like to know if there is a way to authenticate via my Android app in the background, using the authentication OAuth and creating “manually” a TwitterSession to post tweets through a thread I planned.
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Hey @Bayway7,

Do you mean not ask the user for permission to use their Twitter Login?



Hi @bonnell and thank you for your reply.

Yes, if is possible. I want to use my app and log in with my account (that is the owner of the app) and post a tweet without any “Login Button” or similar. Is it possible?

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Thanks @Bayway7,

You need to have an account to send the tweet out. If you want to tweet as the user of your application, then they need to give you explicit permission to do so. I don’t know of a way to authenticate your app as the user that would be tweeting.



Thanks again @bonnell,

So how can I get the necessary permissions through oauth without using the login button of Fabric? I would open the permission request with my onCreate() function in Android.



If you’re looking to use OAuth, then I’d check out the documentation here: OAuth Twitter


Thank you very much, now it is working :smile:

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