Update status does not work all the time - please help



I have an app that should post status updates. On the 7th of this month the number of tweets that the app sends dropped with no change in code. The app still does post, just not as many as it should.

In testing the app, the API does return that the tweet posted and gives me an ID for the tweet, but that tweet does not appear in the users timeline and I can’t find that tweet by using the ID in the URL either.

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas on why this is happening?


Thanks for reaching out!

Does sound bizarre. Do you have any logging, to correlate when tweets should happen against what you see in the UI?

And are the automated tweets unique – IE, there are no attempts with the exact same text?



Thanks for the reply. looking into this more I have found the following:

If I am logged in I can see all the tweets in my timeline BUT looking at it from another user (or not logged in) I only see a few if any of the tweets.

Any ideas why that would be? What would be causing that?


Hi spalten,

Sorry, without something more specific or programmatic, there’s not much for me to go on.



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