Update_profile_image for user pic using OAuth returns 401



I am looking for an help on updating user profile picture using oAuth process. Earlier I was using the XAuth Process and all was working fine.
After changing to OAuth i am getting Unauthenticated error.

Can some please upload some sample code that demonstrates how to use oAuth to update user profile picture.


Neeraj Dev


xAuth is really irrelevant to any part of working with the API apart from acquiring an access token.

What kind of library are you using to perform this action? The same library you were using in the past? Uploading images using the API involves a slight difference in OAuth signing than standard POST requests – some libraries might be prepared for the differences while others might not.

You can see an example for uploading photos using OAuth in this PHP library: https://github.com/themattharris/tmhOAuth/blob/master/examples/images.php


Please verify my account iv been having problems trying to proove who i am thanks i would appriciate it. I changed account passwords and names for security reasons thanks for help.