Update Profile Banner Doesn't Work with Gifs?


I noticed that when i use the REST API endpoint to update the banner with a .gif image, I get an error. I can use it to upload .jpg and .png files seamlessly. The gifs that I tried using I was able to upload manually on Twitter. I looked into b64encode, and also couldn’t detect any issues there.

Does anyone know what’s going on here? Is this a bug?

(FWIW, I originally created this as a GitHub issue for the python-twitter library.)


I’d have to check on the backend. I agree it is a strange discrepancy that you can upload GIFs (I presume only single-frame?) via the web. It is perfectly possible that this is not supported on the API endpoint, in which case this is something we should make clear in the documentation.

(I think the comment over on Github about what is possibly happening is likely to be the case, to be fair)