Update on the Embedded Grid display type



In August 2017 we announced that Moments would render as timelines instead of grids. Today, we’re announcing the end of our support for grid-style embedded collections. We want to focus on widget types which are more widely adopted, such as embedded Tweets and timelines. We’ll continue to support embedded grids for 30 days, and after that point, all grid-style collections will render as timelines.

This change will only impact embedded collections in the grid style (with class="twitter-grid"). You can update your collections to the timeline display format today by changing class="twitter-grid" to class="twitter-timeline" in your embed code. After February 8, 2019, your grid embeds will automatically render as timelines.

Please post in the Twitter for Websites forum if you have any questions about the upcoming change.

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We’ve deprecated the grids display type. Any grid embed codes or factory functions will now render as a timeline, and no action is required by developers.

You can update your embed code to use the twitter-timeline class or the twttr.widgets.createTimeline factory function. Follow the Collection Timeline guide.

Please use the Twitter for Websites forum for any questions.