Upcoming changes to the Lists API


Hello all, we’re going to be making a few tweaks to the Lists API, ie. /1.1/lists/*

First off: we’ll be migrating the API to a brand new backend. This will enable us to better support the API, and bring new features every now and then—for instance, just recently we added a count parameter to /1.1/lists/members to help with paging through large lists. We’re looking forward to fixing some long-standing bugs too.

Secondly: we’ll be changing the way that error messages work. Currently the API supports returning multiple precondition failures in a single error response, eg. “The list failed validation: A list’s name must start with a letter; A list’s name can’t be more than 25 characters long” . We will be removing this functionality in favor of returning only a single failure reason even when multiple exist.

Lastly: we’ll be moving to 64-bit list IDs. We actually began this work over a year ago and after much work and a few delays we’re getting ready to ship. The move to 64 bits has particular significance for those using Javascript, where integers >53 bits may not be accurately represented. It’s highly recommended that you use our “stringy” ID (the id_str attribute) to avoid problems.


  • we will be making the first two of these changes during the week of January 5th

  • the migration to 64 bit IDs is slated for late January; stay tuned for an exact date

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