Unwanted emoticons appear in tweets on mobile version but not on my web version - is there a fix for this?


Hello, on two of my tweets on my blackberry twitter app, unwanted emoticons have been posted. They look unprofessional! I can’t edit them. They do not appear on my web version on my laptop. Are you able to edit/fix them at your end? Thank you for your help, Karen


Unfortunately it is hard to know what is going on here. Are you able to tell us which Tweets are affected and show an example of what you mean by “unwanted emoticons”?


Hi Andy, in my tweet of 11 Dec about the Middle East, the “S” of Saudi Arabia has been changed to an emoticon (probably because there is no space between the colon “:Saudi…”). Same for 11 September - there is an emoticon in my tweet about bariatric psychology - instead of “pre”. The emoticons were not present when I posted the tweets and now I can’t edit them to fix them. Thanks, Karen


Unfortunately it is not possible to edit a tweet, so there’s no way to change this. :S is commonly used as a “smiley” so you’re right, that’s why it happened. The best way to “fix” is to delete and tweet again, but obviously since those are older tweets you’re referring to, those are not great fixes this time.