Unusual Increase In Errors


Has anyone else noticed an unusual increase in errors? I’m getting a lot of “This page does not exist” errors when hitting the followers/ids endpoint. It’s working often enough for my data to stay synced but it’s concerning.


FWIW I haven’t noticed anything from our application. I imagine you’ve already checked that it’s not just hitting the endpoints for users that do not exist?


It’s only searching for accounts that have been connected to our platform so they had to have at least existed recently. I must admit that I didn’t have time to really dig into this earlier and wasn’t on my computer when I made this post. Just wanted to see if anyone else saw anything suspicious before I looked in great detail. I’m about to do more debugging.


Have you been able to resolve this or find the cause? I’m also getting a lot of errors recently (6-8 hours) on a few users specifically when tweeting on their behalf (users generate and set times when to tweet-- so tweets are not identical to last).