"until:YYYY-MM-DD" parameter does not work


I am using codebird-js to send requests and everything works perfectly. I construct queries with various parameters and receive objects successfully. However when using the parameter until:YYYY-MM-DD in the query Twitter does not return any objects. How is it possible to use “until:YYYY-MM-DD” parameter for querying past tweets?. When i post the same query to twitter.com/search?q=:)%20until:2012-07-11 it returns results… the complete query is q=:)%20until:2012-07-11

The code i’m using:

function (reply) {

codebird devs proved that this is not a codebird-js problem:

"This does not seem to be a problem with Codebird, but with the Search API.

Have a look at this console snapshot:
https://snap.apigee.com/18HlJQv "

Any help would be much appreciated,

Thank you


The Search API’s archive only goes back about a week in time, so you’re usage of the until operator needs to stay within that range.



@episod i wasn’t aware about the date range. Thank you it seems to work now!