Unsubscription of Webhooks with Account Activity API




We currently use Account Activity API to get Direct Messages from a few clients and we noticed a strange behaviour which is that “the webhook gets unsubscribed” after some time. The only way for us is to notify them to resubscribe doing the OAuth dance once again.

Any pointers on this? Does this have to do with the API being in BETA?



Hi @sao_ademola - Can you help provide your client app ID you are experiencing this on, and with which Account Activity API version (the DM beta for example?).

There is no known reason this would be happening unless a user revoked access to your app. Did you happen to receive a revocation event?


Thanks @sao_ademola - Here is a full list of the details I need:

  1. How did you notice the problem?
  2. What Client Application id the subscription should be on (The API key wont work)
  3. The user Id of the subscribed user (if you happen to have it)
  4. The webhook id would be good too. If you can share it.


Thanks @KyleW , I somehow missed your reply on this but better late than never.

  1. We have an application that we use to test the webhook on Dev. We added an account, the webhook subscription was successful and we got the direct messages sent.

After some time, messages stopped coming into our system which means the webhook wasn’t sending messages. To get the webhook to respond, we had to delete and re-add the account. Is this normal?

  1. Account: @DemoCompany_
    APP ID: 13002066

  2. Account: @Muttropolitan_
    User ID: 794223582616387584

Let me know if you need additional information.


hey @sao_ademola - It’s tough for us to troubleshoot items like this as there are a lot of variables that could be at play.

  1. Was the webhook invalidated or did your server stop responding for an extended period of time (fail a CRC check for example)?
  2. Did the user revoke access?
  3. Are you using the DM product or the All Activities product?


Hi @KyleW, thanks for the response.

  1. I will be tilting toward the webhook being invalidated. To clarify with an example: I have two server environments (Dev, Staging), I use the same credentials for both environments
    If a user adds an account on “Dev”, does that mean the webhook on “Staging” will be deactivated and I will have to resubscribe the account on Staging for it to work?
  • Are same credentials not encouraged to be used for different server environments?
  1. The user didn’t revoke the access.

  2. We were using the DM product but migrating to All Activities now.