"Unknown" segmentation_value=5 returned by segmtation_type=PLATFORM


I am getting “Unknown” value for segmentation_value = 5 in my promoted_tweets API call. Please see the attached screenshot of my data.

If I check the reference URL for possible values I see only 0 to 4 possible values. Does anybody know why I’ll get segmentation_value = 5 ? if i pass segmentation_type=PLATFORMS in my promoted_tweets API request ?


If it does appear I would expect the same segmentation to appear in ads.twitter.com. Do you mind checking so see if it is there as well (or alternatively, you can paste the ads account ID here). I can find evidence that we returned Unknown for some case related to a bug from 2014 but no other instance after that so we would have to do some investigation to confirm whether or not it should be considered a problem or need to update our docs…




Thank yo for followup @JBabichJapan, Actually I do not have access to this account from ads.twitter.com. The API calls are done on bases of OAuth token saved for this account users. Below are the values of this account

Account Id = 9x8jy
user_id who have rights to this account = 16667278
line_item_id: 5ksmr
promoted_tweet_id = vuo76